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Wrought Iron Stair Railings 

Elegant, Durable Wrought Iron Staircase Railings for Your Family


Unique Wrought Iron specialise the in design, construction and installation of wrought iron railings. Our extensive range of handrails can be tailored to suit your project, requirements and architecture.


All our wrought iron railings are manufactured and installed to comply with all building codes and OH&S regulations. 


High-Quality Wrought Iron Railings

A stylish wrought iron stair railing adds a stunning finish touch to any staircase. Although handrails are an important safety feature, wrought iron railings are favoured for the elegant aesthetic they provide to any balcony or staircase.


With limitless design options and an expert team of fabricators, Unique Wrought Iron can bring your ideas to life. Our artisans are skilled at building wrought iron staircases as well as handrails for a seamless look and a flawless and finish.


Professional Stair Railing Services

When done right, wrought iron railings can add an unmatched aesthetic to your home. That’s why, your home deserves an elegant, hand-forged, custom handrail system.

To be able to produce the best quality wrought iron railings for your property, we have put together a team of skilled artisan welders. These craftsmen make use of traditional craft and techniques to make your wrought iron stair railing come to life.


Our experienced design team will work with you to plan, design and build the handrails of your dreams. We offer unlimited design options suitable for curved and straight staircases in both exterior and interior settings.


All of our products are powder-coated for a premium finish. Whether you are looking for modern handrails or traditional railings, we can bring your ideas to life.

To design your railings, we offer a number of options to suit your requirements and budget including measuring services, CAD drawings, mockups and 3D renderings.


Custom Wrought Iron Railings

Once you approve the design, our master artisans will hand-forge your handrail in our metal fabrication workshop. Our team will even pre-fit the designer handrail to your staircase for a seamless fit and finish, resulting in a stair and railing system that looks nothing short of perfect. This also does away with the need for messy grinding and welding on the site.


No matter the size of your project and no matter how unique and custom the handrail job is, we put in place a proven approach to ensure a professional execution from start to finish.


Our stellar project management combined with prompt communication ensures timely completion, delivery and installation.


Why Choose Us

  • Unique, innovative and custom design services.
  • Hand-forged wrought iron railings by skilled welders and fabricators.
  • Wide range of handrail designs to choose from.
  • Powder coated finish feel.
  • Smooth and hammered textures.
  • Complete turnkey solution from design to installation.
  • Experience in meeting building and safety regulations.

Let’s Get Started


Unique Wrought Iron is here to make the process of ordering your wrought iron railings easy and effortless. Get in touch with us, let us know your requirements and we will get started.


Call Sydney 02 9709 3988 or Melbourne 03 9330 1111 now to make an appointment or via our virtual showroom.

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