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Showroom Stock Sydney - Our Stock Doors change frequently !


Please Call the Office to see what Door size and designs are currently still avaiable. We may have somthing to fit your current opening to purchase immediatly so you dont have to wait to get it Custom Made.


Office: (02) 9709 3988

SDD1 Size: 2620h x 1800w

SDD2 Size: 2390h x 1800w

SDD4 Size: 2390h x 1790w SOLD

SDD6 Size: Only 1 Left


SDD8  Just Sold 1 Stock left

SDD1 Size: 2390h x 1100w SOLD

SDD2 Size: 2100h x 890w

SSD3 Size: 2400h x 1700w

SM1 Size: 2200h x 1200w

SM2 Size: 2400h x 1500w

SB1 Size: Call to comfirm