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Front Entrance Security Doors

Unique wrought iron uses 12 gauge iron steel which is 33% thicker than other companies resulting in the strongest solid iron door on the market. Our Iron scroll work is specially hand crafted to your specific desire. Each front entrance door is insulated with polyurethane foam which keeps the heat and cold from escaping or coming inside. All doors undergoes an extensive 8 step paint process starting from sand blasting, galvanizing, hot zinc, primer, automotive paint which is all baked in 100degrees Celsius oven and finished with a clear protective coat ensuring longevity.


Unique wrought iron front metal entrance doors are different to other custom wrought iron door companies because of our huge care factor from hand crafted custom iron door design to professional installation. Our ornamental wrought iron custom doors are built to the design, size, and configuration you desire. Unique wrought iron simply makes "the difference" and you will see what we can do to magically enhance your beautiful home for both look and security. Come in and see us today and create Adoore today!

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Entry Security Iron Door 006

Entrance Security Iron Door 04

Entrance Security Iron Door 031

Entrance Security Door 11

We Ship Custom Wrought Iron Doors Australia wide! Call us now to help you get highest quality iron doors in Australia's market to your home.


At Unique Wrought Iron we triple protection pack our finished product so it arrives proffessionally packaged directly to your door!


We also provide full installation services on all our products within Melbourne & Sydney.

Double Iron Door 042

Entrance Security Iron Door 025

SDD3 Size: 2090h x 1690w

Entry Security Door 037

Entrance Security Door 21